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Do you know what day is today?

Today is Earth Day

Every minute spent on Earth, to us and to all beings, gives us the right to call it our home. Earth Day is a special day for all of us and it is in honor of Earth and what it has given us. Let us thank the Earth.

On April 22 is celebrated by over half a billion people as the International Day of the Earth. The aim is to create broad public support for sustainable and efficient environmental policies for development worldwide.

This year's motto is "It's time to set an example."

First Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22, 1970 in the US and Canada. Millions of North Americans participate in the demonstration and insist politicians, statesmen, business include among its priorities the protection of the environment.

In 1990, the feast of our planet is international, as Bulgaria is included in its celebration in 1993. The aim is to unite the people of the world in environmental protection.

How can you help the Earth?

Can help the earth in many ways.

•    You can ride a bicycle or to walk when possible instead of driving your car.

•    Use reusable bags when shopping in the supermarket.

•    Recycle paper, glass, aluminum and tin cans.

•    Dispose of your waste in the bins, and not where you fall.

 Recycling a few cans or glass bottles is not much, but think about what happens if many people recycle things Quito can be recycled.

Everyone can help in some way, however small it is, but if it is done by many people the results are really impressive.