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The project is based in the creation of a company, divided into departments. Each country leads a departmental area in which they have the expertise, as it is related to the vocational studies in their organization. The product and company itself take into account sustainability, promoting local sustainable companies and developing social responsibilities in the project management

Students lead these departments, make the decisions and take the actions (activities) necessary to run them with their partners’ contribution. The departments will be management, manufacturing, human resources, marketing and communication, ICT, sales, finance, works council. The interdepartmental communication is the basis of the skill share and the success of the company is the result of the teamwork.  Departments will present periodical reports in each meeting, explaining/showing the job done and discussing and taking common decisions for the next steps.
During the project teachers will foster the distinctive skills and abilities worked, pointing out and compiling reports on transversal skills. They will also take advices from the partner of the world of work.

Vision: We intend to provide quality recycling services, inside the industrial sector, giving our customers the best attention, all this with a sustainable development and a especial care for the environment.

Mission: Bluebot’s objective is to be the best recycling machine of the world. For this reason, it has to be the first and the best machine on separating plastic, metal and paper. Being the best means working with as many companies as possible, and implementing in the world’s work environment the habit of recycling.